**Off season discount available**

Families & couples come to Ridgewood year after year to enjoy the sandy beach, clean lakes, and the tranquility & relaxation of nature! We are flexible for families of all sizes and offer 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom cottages! All of our housekeeping cabins are equipped with their own propane BBQ, picnic table, and outdoor fire pit!

Bring your children, dog(s), or even your extended family for a reunion! (We can accommodate a total of 40 people at Ridgewood)

time for a Digital Detox!

The health benefits of unplugging from your devices, even for a few days, are significant! Come to Ridgewood to reconnect with nature! There are many reasons why you should consider a digital detox! Devices can disrupt sleep, can affect your work/life balance, and even cause mental health concerns!

Signs you may need a Digital Detox:

  • You feel compelled to check your phone every few minutes
  • You feel depressed, or angry after spending time on your devices
  • You often find yourself staying up late playing on your phone or watching TV

Come to Ridgewood Cottages for your digital detox! No Wi-Fi, computers, or televisions!

Take in the tranquil sounds of the crackling fire, loons calling to each other, and breathe in the fresh Northern Ontario air & relax!

(Landline is available in the office for emergencies only)