A Digital Detox

Come to Ridgewood Cottages for a digital detox vacation: no Wi-Fi, computers, televisions, radios or phones-truly a break from it all! The health benefits of unplugging, even for a few days, are arguably significant. Take in the tranquil sound of loons calling to each other, breathe in the fresh Northern Ontario air and relax at Ridgewood Cottages.

Ridgewood Cottages has cell phone service and wi-fi is available for emergencies.


According to Ontario’s Ministry of Natural resources, the Temagami area is one of North America’s premier canoeing destinations with 2,400 km of routes and portage trails. Canoe or kayak right from the sandy beach at Ridgewood Cottages.

There is a portage into Jumping Caribou Lake conveniently located directly across Angus Lake from Ridgewood Cottages. From Jumping Caribou, choose from a variety of routes. The White Bear Forest Canoe Loop, accessible from Pecore’s Bay, offers a half-day canoe trip starting in the town of Temagami and circling around the White Bear Forest Conservation Reserve. Ridgewood Cottages also offers canoe rentals see the Reservation Page for details.


Just to the east of Temagami site is a vast conservation reserve which is home to some of the world’s few remaining old growth stands of red and white pine. The trails in the White Bear Forest Conservation Reserve begin part way up Caribou Mountain by the beaver pond and trapper’s cabin. Caribou Mountain is also home to the Lookout Tower, which, after a climb up 100 stairs, offers breathtaking views of Temagami and the surrounding area. On a clear day, Maple Mountain is also visible.

Packing List

Bring to Ridgewood

  • Towels
  • Food and beverages
  • Bedding/pillows (or sleeping bags)

Leave at Home

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Barbecues and camp stoves
  • Fireworks